The OneHitAway Foundation Ambassadors
The Role of An Ambassador 

The team of Ambassadors are here to support you, peer to peer, as you navigate the uncertain impacts of a sports-related concussions on your life as a student-athlete and individual.  OneHitAway (OHA) Ambassadors play a key role in spreading the word about brain healing and brain health on high school and college campuses.  If you are looking for solid information and guidance about available brain health options, then we encourage you to reach out to any of our team members below.  Brain healing information has no geographic barriers, so no matter where you attend school in the United States, individuals on this team are an email away to connect. They look forward to hearing from you!   

They Understand That Your Brain Can Change Your Game!

Importantly however and as further explained in our Medical Disclaimer, OneHitAway Ambassadors do not provide medical advice or treatment. Rather, ambassadors act solely to provide information to interested individuals about sports-related concussions directly or indirectly through OneHitAway Foundation.

OneHitAway Understands Your Brain Can Change Your Game


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