Every high school and college student knows how important it is to carry a computer charger with them at all times. We are dependent on the technology we use to learn and live out the demands of our everyday lives on campus. This same consideration must be present when we think about fueling the three-pound supercomputer and command center of our body – the brain!  It is vital for brain health and recovery to nourish your brain with “good brain food” and hydration to optimize brain function especially before, during and after sub-concussions and concussions. 

Did You Know?  The average brain uses 15% of the body’s blood, 20% of the body’s oxygen and 25% of the body’s daily caloric intake.  These percentages increase dramatically as a result of a the immediate inflammatory and metabolic response from a concussion.  Take brain nutrition seriously. 


“Good Brain Food” Nutrition Strategy

  • Nourishing your brain with “good brain food” and hydration before, during and after sub-concussions and concussions is vital for brain health and recovery.

  • In order to rebalance the neurochemistry of your brain, what you eat during the different phases of your concussion are crucial.

  • Phase one is called the “Acute Phase”, which is when someone is within the first 8 weeks of their concussion. The nutrition and hydration required to recover during this phase reduces inflammation, improves cognitive processing, and restores the overall balance of your brain.

  • Phase two is referred to as the “Chronic Phase”, which focuses on someone’s brain neuroplasticity and reinforcing their cognitive reserve after the Acute phase.  

Click this "Brain Food" button to view OneHit Away Foundation's comprehensive nutrition plans for Acute and Chronic concussion symptoms. 

The Importance of Hydrating Your Brain

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You rely on your brain and your brain relies on water to preform many of its daily processes! A dehydrated brain is therefore a vulnerable and unstable brain which is why it is critical to hydrate, especially after experiencing a head trauma. H20 is healing and hydration is one of the most important things you can do for your brain after a concussion!

Rule of thumb for proper hydration. Over the course of the day make sure you consume one half of your body weight in ounces of filtered (clean) water per day.  If you are active or have been concussed increase it by 20%.  

Proper Hydration

  • Generates energy

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Rebalances cognitive functions

  • Restores homeostasis (natural balance of your brain)

Not Enough Hydration
  • Negatively affects cognition and other brain processes

  • Can mimic concussion symptoms 

  • Prolongs your recovery time

  • Places your brain at a greater risk for additional injuries