Our work is made possible through the generous support of our donors who believe in the power of brain healing and brain health for those affected by sports related concussions. Your support, in any form it takes, makes it possible for OneHitAway Foundation and its Ambassadors to achieve our mission of providing awareness, education, support and resources for healing sports-related brain injuries and concussions. 


Your work as an Ambassador would be aiding to spread the word about brain healing and brain health on high school and college campuses motivated by the idea that everyone should enjoy taking part in sports while being equipped to keeping their brain healthy before, during and after participating in these activities.  

We would welcome your membership to a team of doers.  Action is the key to making change relevant for our followers, sponsors and recipients. As a OneHitAway volunteer you may sign in as an OHA Ambassador, a proactive team member for the different fundraising and educational events throughout the year. We would embrace your energy..sign up here.  

OneHitAway understands you may want to donate in various ways, so we have three options for you to participate in this journey of providing brain healing and brain health resources for those in vital need.  Thank you for choosing the best means of supporting our work to help others with this invisible injury.