In the Classroom
Frequently Asked Questions From Students

Q:  Will my school doctor and or sports trainer know about the elements of brain healing and brain health when it comes to my sport?

A:  Your school’s / team’s MD and sports trainers are very well trained in their fields.  Generally, they are trained to recognize the signs of a concussion and should be aware of the important return to sport / school protocol.  Their training is targeted towards the relief of symptoms resulting from a concussion.  There is a big difference between symptomatic relief and actual brain healing treatment.  OneHitAway Foundation is dedicated to brain healing (soft tissue and brain re-wire / neurological symmetry).  Generally speaking, school MDs and trainers are not trained about the proven brain healing treatments and modalities available to those who are well informed.   

Q:  Should I inform my parents, coaching staff and schoolteachers of my recent concussion or the ill effects I am feeling from multiple hits to my head from my sport?

A:  Yes, absolutely and promptly.  It is important that those close to you are aware of your concussion and or symptoms from previous sub-concussive hits to the head. Your brain is too important for you not to inform.  We understand that you may feel vulnerable as it relates to not being able to play, or sit out a game, etc.  Be strong and believe that your brain is first and then you will make better decisions. ​

Q:  What is the reason we are told to just get rest and don’t be on my computer when I get a concussion?

A:  When the brain is suffering from hits to the head, it is experiencing metabolic imbalances.  (Go to the 30 second video to hear more) There are amounts of internal inflammation, build-ups of toxins, etc.  To initially rest the brain is initially essential to help stabilize your situation. Using the computer or anything that creates the need for the eyes / brain to work well and quickly together may cause fatigue and thus place you in a compromised situation.  With the advice of your doctor, they should be able to share with you a return to play program that would minimize general fatigue.   

Q:  Who can I talk with when I get frustrated that nobody really understands how I feel from my concussion(s)?

A:  Great and important question.  We realize the potential of being frustrated with many of your daily routines.  The routines all of a sudden, due to your symptoms are not flowing as easily.  This can be a bewildering time and to have support from those who have been through it is important.  We have OneHitAway team members who would enjoy taking time to talk with you during this “what could be” a fragile time for you.  Feel free to contact us at

Q:  How long will it take for me to feel better and get back to normal activities?

A:  This will vary depending on the severity of your symptoms.  This usually ranges from a week to months.  Please consult with your doctor regarding their advice of return to play.  Remember, you are talking about symptoms being minimized only, not the brain healing.  If interested in that component, please refer to the following link from OneHitAway Foundation. 

Q: Is there an age limit or any special requirements to become an OHA Ambassador?

A: To become a OneHitAway Ambassador, you must be at least be high school or college student.  Also you can be an Ambassador if your have finished your schooling and are wanting to be a peer based pal in a college or high school environment, that works also.  

Q: What if I’m not an athlete and aren’t able to relate to people with sports-related concussions?

A:  You do not need to be a participating athlete at your school to be an Ambassador.   If you are outgoing within your peers and do not mind sharing the brain healing / brain healthy information from OneHitAway Foundation, we will equip you accordingly.  To be helpful to your fellow students and student athletes is something that will be cherished by all. 

Q:  Are we only targeting students with sports-related concussions or students that we know have had general concussions from everyday life? 

A:  OneHitAway Foundation’s mission statement is to dedicate resources to those athletes affected by sports related concussions.  With that said everyone who is suffering from the effects of a concussion or sub-concussive hits, would find our information helpful.  We are unable to provide what we call brain healing scholarships to those who are not in athletics. 


Q: Is there a length of time to my ambassadorship?

A: As long as you like…we need as many as possible sharing the brain healing options to all.

Q: I am a full-time student athlete. What if I cannot participate in every meeting or fundraising event that OHA holds?

A:  No problem.  We completely understand and will work with what you have.  Also keep in mind, since we are Ambassadors throughout the country, not many can get to our events, so we are flexible to do the right thing first.