Be An Ambassador

The main responsibility as an OHA ambassador is to network, educate, and provide resources for your communities about concussions and the long-lasting effects it has on the brain. The OneHitAway’s Youth Sports Outreach Program (YSOP) is one way for Ambassador’s to provide free community-based educational events for youth, educators, families and athletic staff where they can learn about available brain healing and brain health resources. 

This is also a great way to complete any community service hour requirements that your respective school may require. If you are outgoing, passionate about sports, and interested in the work OHA is doing, then this volunteer opportunity is for you!

Benefits of Being An Ambassador
  • The opportunity to join the OHA family of young athletes and leaders from across the country who have a common interest.

  • In-depth training on OHA's programs and on sports related concussions, sub-concussive hits and traumatic brain injuries.

  • Education on leading edge brain healing modalities to help support current brain healing and future brain health.

  • Leadership development skills including practical and supportive ways to talk to other young athletes about these important issues.

  • OHA information and swag including lip balms, shirts, hats and a small stipend to put toward hosting OHA info meetings.  



  • Immerse yourself in the vision and mission that OHA represents.

  • Being knowledgeable of how OHA helps their recipients so that you are able to participate in our YSOP (Youth Sports Outreach Program) and other related info programs.

  • Participate in OHA Ambassador training and monthly team calls.

  • Spread the word to your school, friends, family and social networks about OHA and sports related brain injuries.

  • Hand out OHA swag to your campus.

  • Participate in OHA social media campaigns.

  • Follow all OHA social media platforms and encouraged to post when OHA has important news or updates.

  • Attend and helping with OHA fundraisers and events.

  • Present at outreach events alongside our OHA staff about brain healing and brain health.

  • Initiate new methods of outreach amongst your high school or college campus.