High School & College Athletics

High school and collegiate sports as well as recreational activities undeniably foster good health, character and priceless life lessons. OneHitAway’s slogan “Your Brain Can Change Your Game” is especially true for student-athletes who are struggling with concussion symptoms while trying to juggle their responsibilities as students, athletes, family- members, friends, etc.  Unfortunately, today’s sports setting of  “let’s-dominate-at-all-costs” overrides awareness of potential brain damage, often to the point of denial.  

By prioritizing brain health and brain healing we can work towards properly managing concussions, the invisible injury, and get you back to doing what you love.  One Hit Away is aiming to shift this culture to one that is rooted in the Four Pillars of Brain Healing in all levels of athletics from little league to professional sports!

Image by Trish H-C

The Four Pillars of Brain Healing 

  1. Education​ - What teams are to do and what the players are to do during their season. 

  2. Preparation - With nutritional and brain healthy healing options for teams and players.  

  3. Concussion Treatment - Avoid the "bell rung and back in the game" mentality. Stop and properly treat. 

  4. Brain Healing & Brain Health​ - Understand the misconceptions of a concussions and seek proper brain healing protocols.

We only are given one brain and those of us who have suffered a brain injury now have a choice of potentially overcoming residual effects of an unhealthy or incompletely healed brain. By embracing the Four Pillars of Brain Healing and having patience with the healing process it is possible to get back to doing what you love.