Why Are We Together On This?

OneHitAway Foundation and OneHitAway Ambassadors!  Yes, together we are changing the trajectory of those who are affected by the unfriendly ramifications (short-term and long-term) of sports related concussions and sub-concussions.  OneHitAway Ambassadors represent a vital link to high school and college campuses where today’s students and athletes are forming their futures.  

Ongoing study shows continued increase in concussions among high school athletes

Between academic years 2015-2017, the overall average proportion of concussions reported annually increased significantly compared with academic years 2010-2014 at 1.012 fold, as did the overall rate at 1.101 fold.

Concussions common among college students...  

In all, among roughly 30,000 public university undergraduates, about 340 concussions are diagnosed annually -- an incidence rate of about one in 75 students per year, the study found. Notably, 41% of students diagnosed said.   

OneHitAway Understands Your Brain Can Change Your Game

* Designated 501(C)(3)

OneHitAway Foundation* is the only non-profit organization in the country that dedicates resources to those affected athletes for brain healing and brain health resulting from sports related concussions.  

2021 OneHitAway Documentary

2020 OneHitAway Documentary

Mission Statement

The OneHitAway Ambassadors are a team of high school and college student-athletes who are prepared to offer support and resources to their peers who are experiencing sports related concussions. Our team of Ambassadors understands how important it is to address the impacts of sports-related concussions on the individual in all facets of their lives on and off campus.

Vision Statement

As a team we desire to create a well-informed culture of brain healing and brain health awareness within high school and college campuses. The messaging of these available options for students / athletes will be seen, heard and felt from the training rooms to the classrooms, one student, one article and one event at a time. Once experienced and understood by the targeted audiences on campuses, the clarity of brain healing / brain healthy choices will create its own momentum and everyone in contact will benefit currently and in their future.